Looking For Starting Drum Sets???

Here are some suggestions when looking for Starting Drum Sets...

When you're a newbie drummer, it's not that important to search for the biggest, most expensive starting drum set. What is important is that you purchase the right components.

Depending on the age and size of the new drummer, there are drum sets to fit anyone. Here are some examples of age/size of the drummer versus kit (another word for drum set) size.

Ages: 0-3 .... Obviously, you can't expect a new-born to age three fit into a full size kit. But, what is important, even at this age is to buy the right components.

This is where it gets fun. Go to your local toy store and find a starting drum set with three drums and a cymbal. Make sure one of the drums is a bass drum - that's the biggest drum that you hit with a pedal and your foot. There are a few manufacturers that produce them; one of them is First Act.

The goal here is to get the newbie drummer playing. Set-up a stereo or radio near them so they can start listening and playing to drumming rhythms. Right now it doesn't matter what they play as long as they are playing something. The development will come.

Ages 4-7... At this age, depending on the size of the person, you have a couple choices.

If the person is 3 feet tall or below, you can purchase a junior size drum set which could include: 16" bass drum, 10" mounted tom drum, 10" snare drum, 13" floor tom, a 10" mounted brass cymbal, and a hi-hat stand with 10" cymbals. First Act is a great choice for this. Cost is around $150 USD.

Ages 8 and up... This is the age where you can purchase a full/professional size drum set. Again, you don't have to break the bank here. There are a lot of starter drum sets that you can purchase in the $500 USD range or less. Click here for more information on finding cheap drum sets.

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