Drum Sticks - Your Guide to Finding the Right Pair

Drum sticks are available in numerous weights, sizes, and a variety of colors. They are traditionally made from hickory or maple, are mass produced and are available in either wood or nylon tips. It is personal preference. Even though they seem similar in their appearances, they can be vastly different.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes; comprising of numerous variables which differentiate each model. These variables are straightness, density, tip shape, taper, length, wood type, diameter and balance. These are the components that the manufacturers consider when designing and producing their own brand of Drum Sticks. All of these components create the individual stick, and it is up to the end user to determine which one is best for them.

Though most of them look quite similar, they're not. Many companies produce them.

You may be wondering about which drum sticks you should use when you first start out...

Beginners and professionals can, and do use exactly the same drum sticks. These tools of the trade can range from $3.00 for a lower quality pair, up to $50.00 per pair for the most specialized sticks that have replaceable sleeves. For the beginner, novice, and even the more experienced drummer, expect to pay approximately $10 per pair for very good quality sticks.

It is still personal preference....try them out, check the weight, the feel in your hands, and you will know which is the right ones for you. Most drum stores will have a practice pad for you to try out your new sticks, to see if they feel right for you. Once you have made your choice, check them out on other surfaces....your counter tops, or even plastic bowls. The best way to know which set of sticks is best for you, is to use them. What you start out with may not be the ones that you ultimately end up with. Have fun trying out the differences.

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