You Can Play A Snare Drum Roll!!

Introducing.... Cue snare drum roll.... YOU!

Now that I have your attention, uh hum, I would like to introduce to YOU a lesson on how to play a snare drum roll.

This will be fun and you will get it after a bit of practice.

First, grab your drum sticks. If you don't have a pair of drum sticks, you can use long pencils using the rubber eraser as the striking end, 'Bic' pens using the caps as the striking end or even chop sticks.

Now, hold the two pens, pencils or drum sticks, one in each hand and strike the table top, flat surface or better yet, snare drum in front of you, one hand at a time, AND allow the stick or pen or pencil to bounce.

Did it bounce? Or did it just strike once? OK, here comes the technical stuff...

If you got a bounce out of them, then you're on the right track.

If you got nothing but one hit, then read on...

For those non-bouncers, try loosening your grip around the stick, pen or pencil. Use only your thumb and index finger to hold the stick. Now, move your grip (thumb and index finger) farther up the stick or down the stick - one movement at a time. Now, keeping a loose grip, strike the table top or drum - if you have one, in the new position.

Keep moving your grip up or down to find the 'sweet spot' where the stick bounces the most. This will take some experimentation to find where that is. Keep trying and don't forget about your other hand.

Once you found the spot where the stick bounces the most, memorize that spot because that is the ideal place where you should base your grip.

So... To recap, find the 'sweet spot' on the stick where the stick bounces the most. Use two fingers - your thumb and index finger to hold the stick. Don't squeeze the stick too hard otherwise you will 'choke' the bounce. Allow the stick to bounce freely as long as it wants to. AND remember to use your other hand too.

Now that you can bounce the stick, the snare drum roll is near completion.

In the optimal grip position, squeeze the stick a little harder between your index finger and thumb and now press the stick into the drum (like you're mad at it) allowing it to bounce like before, but faster. AND alternate your sticks - right, then left, then right, then left and so on and so on until you hear a consistent buzzing sound.

If you've made it this far, you have just completed your first snare drum roll or PRESS/BUZZ Roll. Congratulations!!

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