Reading Drum Set Music

Reading drum set music is not as hard as it looks. Read on to find out why...

A lot of newbie drummers will say, "Drum set music"??! What's that? or ... "How do i play notes on the drums? or ... "Where's the 'c' on the drum set"?

These questions are normal, because new drummers don't know any different. AND that's not a bad thing. Learning about something new is always an exploration.

A point to stress here is that many drummers may opt-out of learning to read drum rhythm properly. Reading drum set music is kind of like painting by numbers. Each symbol represents a different part of the drum set. All you have to do is use your stick to strike the part of the drum set that the symbol represents. Well that's it...

Not quite. But in a nut shell, yes, that's it.

You don't have to know scales, sharps, flats, etc. like you would if you were reading and playing a trumpet or flute chart.

There are similarities though between piano music and drum music.

1) Both are written on music staff lines

2) Both have time signatures

3) Both have dynamics written below the staff lines - these are the loudness volumes

4) Both contain bars - the sub-division of the chart/song

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