Discover Some Of The Best Names Of Drum Sets

The following list includes some of the better-known companies producing some of the best quality drum sets to date.

This list will help you understand which drum companies you should keep in mind when looking to purchase a new or used drum set. There are many other names of drum sets out there, but the ones listed below are an excellent starting point.

Ayotte Drums- This drum company originated in Vancouver, Canada in 1982. The Ayotte drum company builds some of the best custom made drum sets in the world. Their products tend to be on the pricey side, but they are worth it.

Drum Workshop [DW] - DW is a very interesting company. Started by Don Lombardi in 1972. Their first product-a height adjustable trap case seat-began the evolution of this high quality drum company.

Gretsch - Started by Friedrich Gretsch in 1883,this company is better-known for its jazz sound; producing high quality drums on the more expensive side.

Ludwig - William F. Ludwig, Senior, born 1879 in Germany, emigrated to the United States with his family at the age of eight. Ludwig is a diverse percussion company, manufacturing everything from sticks to tympani to drum sets. Still one of the better known companies among drum enthusiasts, they offer good quality kits at many price points.

...Drum sets tend to look quite similar. The major differences that you will find between them rests within their components...

Mapex - Mapex manufactures its products at their wholly owned factory in Tianjin, China. Mapex is one of the only companies of its kind to have earned ISO9001 certification - the world's standard for manufacturing excellence.

Pearl - Pearl manufactures a wide range of kits. From inexpensive to expensive. They use many different types of wood to create different tonal qualities. Pearl is a respected name in the percussion world and comes highly recommended by some of the top drummers in the world.

Premier - Established 1922 in London, England by Albert Della Porta, a young professional drummer. Premier produces a name brand, quality, low to high-priced product. The 'Artist Series' was the first mid-range series to be made purely of birch and of maple, and once again set the benchmark for the competition. In 1984 Premier had a management buy-out, followed by a brief six year period of Yamaha ownership 1989-1995. Premier continues to be a strong competitor within the drumming market.

Sonor - In 1875 Johannes Link, a trained wood turner and tanner, started a small workshop for simple military drums and drum heads in Weißenfels an der Saale in East Germany. In 1907 the Sonor trademark was registered with the Imperial Patent Office. Producing a wide range of percussion instruments, Sonor continues to create an excellent quality product at an affordable price.

Tama - Tama produces high quality drum kits at all price levels. Their hardware is tough to beat and their bass drum pedals are world renowned with patented designs.

Yamaha - Yamaha, a company that produces a vast array of musical instruments, began creating and engineering drums in 1967. Producing high quality drum kits at affordable prices, they are a company not to be overlooked.

To better understand the differences of these top names of drum sets, I would suggest visiting your local music store and trying them out. Only then you will be able to properly compare kits and realize which of the names of drum sets are best suited for you.

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